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Legions of scarecrows erected by farmers in the mid-1980s on Gomera in the Canary Islands were the inspiration to place these male and female figures in a new context.

The first project was installed in Erding, near Munich, with figures 15 to 20 feet tall on an outdoor sculpture trail.
Their next appearance was in a vineyard near the village of Alf on the Moselle River.

The performance featured the poet Josef Schwarz reading from Karl Kraus’ The Last Days of Mankind.


Deutscher Michel
100 x 60 cm

120 x 60 cm

130 x 90 cm

120 x 60 cm

Liebesduett 1 + 2
60 x 80 cm

120 x 60 cm

100 x 60 cm

Golfkrieg 1
150 x 100 cm

150 x 100 cm

The two rows below: The near oblivion of a once common art form – scarecrows in farm fields – moved me to begin photographing these objects wherever I found them. Paintings based on the photos began to emerge on Crete in the early 1990s, with the country bumpkins turning into city slickers.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas