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Always wanted a house overlooking the ocean? We can make your dream a reality!
Murals can be painted directly on your interior or exterior wall or prepared beforehand on canvas in the studio, regardless of size. Our high quality paints are sun and weather resistant.
Prices on request.

Badezimmer Dachschräge
2,5 x 3m

Hösbach Privatschwimmbad
3 x9 m

Aschaffenburg Geschäftshaus
3 x 5 m

München Lapulcinella
2 x 2 m

Oktoberfest München
1986 Schicht’l

Biebelsheim Privathaus
3 x 5 m

Aschaffenburg Privathaus
3 x 4 m

München Privathaus
3 x 2 m